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An Extraordinary Escape from the Nazis

Before World War II, 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland. Only 500,000 survived. Among those survivors were Zosia and Henryk and their daughter Milanka. This extraordinary memoir is a testament to one family’s unwavering will to survive, with Zosia as its linchpin—an extraordinarily intelligent and creative woman who matured from a mischievous rule-breaking child into a warrior hidden in plain sight, whose sharp mind and cool head saved her family’s lives. Told in alternating narrative between Milanka’s interviews with Zosia and her own memories of her childhood and the family’s escape to the United States, this true story is more suspenseful, compelling, and inspiring than any fictional thriller. From the Nazi invasion of Poland to the newly named Billys family’s business triumph in the United States, you will be swept up in the terrors, triumphs, heartbreak, and celebration of a family who refused to let the Nazis win.

Hidden in the Open by Millie Selinger

  • Milanka Korman Selinger was born in Poland on September 1, 1938. She lived in Poland until 1947, when her family escaped to Germany and then to the United States in 1948. Over the years, Millie asked her mother many questions about the reasons why they moved around so much during their childhood—she’d had no idea that they were refugees, and for a long time, she didn’t even know they were Jewish. This book is the result of piecing those remarkable memories and stories together to gain a full picture of how the family survived the Holocaust.

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