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Presentation at the Rotunda

Students from Palm Beach Central High School and Loggers Run Middle School were invited by Centropa to present the exhibit “Survival in Sarajevo” to Congressmen and Congresswomen at the Rotunda in Washington D.C. The trip was made possible with funding from inSIGHT. Students not only had the opportunity to share what they had learned from the exhibit but were also able to meet with government officials to discuss the importance of learning the lessons of the Holocaust and Genocide. 

While in Washington, the students got the opportunity to meet with John Prendergast from the Enough Project. Mr. Prendergast founded the organization to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur and the refugees of that genocide, specifically the children. This meeting was made possible because of the prior relationship that Palm Beach Central High School had with Mr. Prendegast. Students at Palm Beach Central raised enough money to build a school in one of the refugee camps!

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