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Student Programs

The Darkness of Indifference

This film is the first project that was done by the Research 1 Class at Palm Beach Central High School. Because some students were learning about the Nuremberg Laws and the Jim Crow Laws (in American History)simultaneously, they realized that there were tremendous similarities. The students decided as a group that this was an important subject to explore. Each student was assigned a “law” from both the Nuremberg Laws and the Jim Crow Laws. They were to research each and create a visual. The students researched the music that they thought would be appropriate as well. Working with other students in the school’s IT department, the Research class created this worthy film. 

Because this project and several others had members of the class working with students in other departments, there was excellent exposure to this elective Research class. There was an influx of new students who became aware of, and subsequently enrolled, in order to learn more about the lessons of the Holocaust.


Their powerful film, born from commendable effort, goes beyond education—motivating by weaving Holocaust lessons into the narrative. It stands as a testament to their dedication in fostering a collective commitment to learning from the past. Through their creative initiative, they open a door for fellow students to engage with the poignant lessons, contributing to a shared journey of understanding.

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