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Student Programs

Path of Human Dignity

This engaging exhibit was conceptualized and created by four students at Palm Beach Central High School as a culminating project in Research 2 (Holocaust Studies). Each year students are challenged to create a project that reflects their interests while implementing the lessons of the Holocaust. 

The Path to Human Dignity reflects each of the four student's area of of interest: Prejudice, Discrimination, the War on Women, and Genocides of the 20th Century. inSIGHT proudly funded this project which has traveled to middle and elementary schools throughout the district. The four high schoolers enjoyed the experience of presenting their displays to students of different ages and raising their awareness of the dangers of hatred and intolerance. 

Additionally, the exhibit has been presented at various venues and events throughout our community, including at the inSIGHT Membership Reception in February 2020.


It underscores education's vital role in raising awareness about critical issues. Their dedication to imparting valuable lessons beyond the classroom is a testament to the transformative power of education, inspiring societal change. Through persistent efforts, they demonstrate that education shapes minds, fostering a collective commitment to addressing challenges and contributing to a more enlightened society.

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