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Professional Development

Centropa Cohort in Palm Beach County

This program empowers teachers through interactive and collaborative seminars, departing from traditional lecture-based training. In these seminars, educators engage in dialogue, share best practices, and create lesson plans, fostering a hands-on and project-driven approach to Holocaust education. This methodology not only equips teachers with immediately applicable tools but also enhances the sustainability of Holocaust education. Moreover, Centropa cultivates partnerships with local school districts and accredited Holocaust education organizations, further enriching both teachers' and students' educational experiences by integrating cross-border, high-tech projects.


Holocaust information is easy to find on the web, but much of it is the same. It is archival in nature and very impersonal. Centropa takes the tack that each life lost—or impacted in any way—from the Holocaust was an individual with family and a home and loved ones. This makes it very much more personal to students.

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