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Student Projects

Butterfly Project

The idea of the Butterfly Project was first conceived by Palm Beach Central High School's Research 1 class in coordination with Honors Holocaust Class and the Together Against Genocide Club. 

This incredible program involves the entire school. Students organized a memorial to those senselessly murdered in genocides and in hate massacres. Specific memorial areas are dedicated to each of the major genocides of the 20th century, including the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur, plus one dedicated to the lesser known genocides. Those who lost their lives in the Pulse nightclub killings and in houses of worship are also remembered. Names of individuals are written on each butterfly, which students in the school have painted. The class even purchased the benches (which are in the shape of butterflies). Additionally, the ceramics teacher and her students created a plaque with the name and date of each genocide. 

A commemoration ceremony was held where survivors spoke and masses of live butterflies were released. The garden is in the main courtyard of the school for all to enjoy.

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