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Student Programs

Vinvirpsy (PDF)

This project was created by the Research 1 class at Palm Beach Central High School. It began with the question “Why is slavery not considered genocide?” Holocaust teacher, Maureen Holtzer, responded to her students with “That’s an excellent question...go find out.” 

So six students delved into the question--often working with Brian Knowles, the head of African/African American Studies from the district. The research resulted in a powerful and interesting Power Point presentation comparing the Holocaust to Slavery. The students also realized that a new word had to be created…”Vinvirpsy.” So impactful was this project, the students were invited to be keynote speakers at a workshop at FAU and be presenters at the annual African/African American workshop during the summer of 2019.


This attests to our students' unwavering commitment and curiosity in exploring complex issues. Their dedication and insatiable curiosity propel them beyond surface knowledge, showcasing the transformative potential of continuous inquiry. This highlights the profound impact of curiosity-driven learning on individual growth and collective understanding.

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