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Student Programs

Rosette's Story

Each year the students in Research 1 and Research 2 at Palm Beach Central High School are required to complete a major project. Rosette’s story is the first of what we hope to be a vast library of survivor stories available to all students. The goal is to animate the stories of our survivors in a way that is interesting and appropriate for grades 5-9. The funding for this project was provided by inSIGHT. The students met with Rosette Goldstein over a period of a few months, learning her story, reviewing the artifacts which she shared and translating her story for all. 

The project was a true labor of love as the students developed a relationship with Rosette resulting in a true understanding of what happened to her and her family and of the human spirit.

I believe that projects like these are essential in shaping the way we perceive history and fostering a sense of shared humanity. The impact of this experience will undoubtedly stay with me as I continue my academic journey, reminding me of the resilience of the human spirit and the responsibility we all bear in preserving and sharing these vital narratives.

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