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Student Programs

New at the Zoo

This beautifully illustrated storybook was created by two students in Research 1 at Palm Beach Central High School. New at the Zoo reveals how the concept of making quick judgements about people is not the right thing to do. The idea for this children’s book grew out of a poem written by Elissa Louis about the impact of stereotyping and it’s all too frequent outcome, bullying. 

The purpose of this book and the poem is to raise awareness of pre-conceived notions, to increase kindness and empathy and to begin a dialogue with all who read it, particularly young students. The outcome will hopefully be the creation of a kinder, more accepting and open society... a world without bullying. 

A grant from inSIGHT made it possible to purchase and distribute a copy of New at the Zoo to every elementary school in the district. This book makes a wonderful gift. You can purchase one in our "Shop" coming soon!


Their commendable initiative to distribute it to every elementary school in the district demonstrates a visionary commitment to widespread educational enrichment. By ensuring broad accessibility, they actively contribute to knowledge cultivation in each school, fostering a community-wide ethos of educational excellence and inclusivity.

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