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"Through the Eyes of a Friend": Living Voices

To watch the performance:



Bear witness to the world of Anne Frank as shared from the point of view of a composite character inspired by the experiences and testimonies of those who knew her, as well as many other victims, resisters, and survivors of the Holocaust. through the eyes of a friend. remains faithful to Anne Frank's life and her world. 

Champagne Campaign

For inSIGHT's 10th anniversary celebration we went virtual! The past presidents spoke about accomplishments during their terms and shared moving videos. A must see...enjoy watching this recording of our Champagne Campaign.

Fundraising Events at Gardens Mall

Together we viewed this powerful film produced by Living Voices, and participated in a live Q & A with the artistic director and lead actress, Rachel McClinton. A grant from inSIGHT allowed the School District of Palm Beach County to purchase the rights to the film from Living Voices and was viewed by over 5000 students.

Untitled by Louise Peigne

This impactful film was written and directed by a student in the Honors Holocaust class at Palm Beach Central High School. At the end of the course students are required to create a film as a final project that reflects what they have learned or what has made the greatest impact on them. Ms. Peigne focused a film about bullying and involved her friends as actors, who did an excellent job depicting a situation between friends that ends tragically.

"Bullying" by Samantha Dockweiler

This powerful film was written and directed by a student in the Honors Holocaust class at Palm Beach Central High School. At the end of the course students are required to create a film as a final project that reflects what they have learned or what has made the greatest impact on them. This project brings to light through graphics, photos, and musical lyrics the many ways people are bullied: mental, cyber, physical an so on; and asks us to be upstanders and start to see people for who they are. We must stay vigilant about those we see that may be struggling.

Centropa Winter Seminar

Centropa is non-profit Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving Jewish stories and photos from Central and Eastern Europe. Ed Serotta, its director and founder, has made it his mission to educate teachers through seminars and on-line platforms about the history of the Jewish people. Mr. Serotta shares the same mission as inSIGHT... that we must know our history in effort to not repeat it. This particular seminar took place for 3 days at the school district building. Teachers came from North Carolina, Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.                                                                                                                                

Mr. Serotta spoke each day and several of the amazing educators that work with inSIGHT presented on how they have incorporated Centropa materials into the Holocaust curriculum.

Membership Reception 2019

An evening when members have the unique opportunity to see the powerful work of inSIGHT as told by students and Holocaust Studies faculty. Inspiring presentations were made by passionate school teachers, Maureen Holtzer and Belkis Madera, and Holocaust Studies administrator, Maureen Carter. inSIGHT’s membership was inspired to continue our mission to encourage tolerance at our schools. Our work is truly life-changing!

Oak Hammock K-8 School Holocaust Remembrance Day

Each May, the Oak Hammock K-8 School hosts a very special "Holocaust Remembrance Day". Holocaust survivors from the Palm Beach area are bussed to the school for a day spent among the students of all ages, sharing theirs stories and answering questions. Seventh and eighth graders are selected to act as their ambassadors throughout the day, taking them from place to place. Survivors are particularly touched when they see projects bearing their names.

Oak Hammock K-8 School Projects

"Holocaust Remembrance Day" brings lots of student art projects to the walls of Oak Hammock K-8 School. Students of all ages participate and in many cases, tell the stories of those in the Holocaust and even some survivors who visit their school on this special dayl

Student Awareness Days (District)

Every year, inSIGHT funds a Student Awareness Day for students from local high schools in Palm Beach County. This event offers students the opportunity to spend the day with our local Holocaust survivors. Often there is a guest speaker, a short film is shown and most importantly the students have the opportunity to sit with individual survivors over lunch. In this intimate setting they hear their stories, get to know them and ask questions about their lives. This important event provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to not only learn about history, but to meet incredible people who have overcome the worst of acts mankind-- yet have a message to not hate, but to live a life of peace.


“Brundibár” was a children’s opera, written in 1938 by Czech composer Hans Krasa, and performed 55 times between 1943 and 1944 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia. This camp was propagandized by the Nazis as a model ghetto. In 2011, inSIGHT partnered with the Kravis Center’s S*T*A*R* Series for Students, the Palm Beach Opera and Lynn University Conservatory to produce a performance of “Brundibár” for over 2000 middle school students as well as to the greater Palm Beach Community. 

Ela Weissberger, who played “Cat” in all fifty-five performances in Theresienstadt was there to speak to students and the audience about her experiences.

Albert Hurwit: Symphony No. 1 "Remembrance"

Undoubtedly one of inSIGHT’s most successful fundraising events, that featured the music of doctor-turned- composer, Albert Hurwit. The Palm Beach Symphony performed the award-winning Symphony No. 1 "Remembrance", for students, inSIGHT supporters and the public. Through his masterful musical sequences, Dr. Hurwit tells the story of his ancestors' struggles for a new life in a better world. 

A wonderful article published in Hartford Magazine, entitled Music of the Soul, shares the story about how a doctor with little musical training was able to compose such a masterpiece.

Dr. Hurwit’s Symphony No. 1 "Remembrance" was awarded first place in the 2009 American Composer Competition.

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