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Directed by Lisa Reznik, this award-winning documentary chronicles a transformative travel mission led by Dr. Harriet Sepinwall and Dr. Margaret Roman.

Students from the College of Saint Elizabeth, alongside survivors and local community members, went on a journey to Berlin and Poland in 2016 to comprehend the harsh reality of the Holocaust.

Pinchas Gutter, a survivor of six concentration camps, traveled with the group to share the experiences of his family in Poland during the Holocaust. The film captures their raw reactions and insightful interviews two years post-liberation.


Honoring the 25th Anniversary of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education, the documentary serves as a profound exploration of history, empathy and the enduring lessons of the Holocaust.

InSIGHT volunteer and supporter, Marjorie Feinstein serves as Chair of the

St. Elizabeth University Center for Holocaust & Genocide Education Board and is a

Co-Producer of this film.   

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